Our Story

Lance Morrison is a California native. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he is a life-long vegetarian. He grew up playing the horns in a variety of Norcal bands, and he had to learn guitars, keyboards and the bass just to eat. This album examines what makes many non-meat eaters tick--a desire to just let animals be. His work is a collection of tunes he wrote that focus on a cruelty-free lifestyle. Lance plays all of the instruments you hear on his  album (no computers--just a nice multi-track recorder). This isn't some slick, overproduced studio album: Lance made this album by hand, one instrument at-a-time.  

Lance wound up in law enforcement, and retired as a Captain from a municipal police department. He also taught college courses for twenty years. He has always used his humor and his music to balance against the stressful and challenging aspects of law enforcement. That career spanned 42 years! Pasture Prime is a fun look at the lifestyle, albeit with an edge. We hope you can smile along, buy individual tracks, or the entire CD. Downloading music is EASY! 


Don't forget, this is handmade, homemade music and Lance plays every dang instrument!